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Kody is a seven-year-old Whippet mix who has worked her way through (down, actually) the ranks at Missing Pet Partnership. At first, Kody showed exceptional interest in kitties, so she was put into training for cat detection work. It soon became apparent that in warmer weather, Kody cared more about cool shade than she cared about lost kitties. During training she walked by two different cats (on two separate occasions) without giving any type of alert and was immediately fired from her job.

While she spent a brief period of time in specific scent training, it soon became clear that Kody lacked the drive for any type of search work and that her wiggly, friendly temperament would be better suited to help capture loose dogs. So we hired Kody as a Magnet Dog and used her to lure in panicked dogs that were too afraid to come to people.

Well, it wasn't long before Kody became afraid of the primary tool that we use to capture these dogs –the Snappy Snare. On one rescue, Kody was supposed to send off "come play with me signals" to a panicked German Shepherd. Instead, Kody sent off "run, run, run awaaaaayyy" signals (and we did not capture the German Shepherd because of this). So, we demoted Kody again to the ranks of resident Target Dog. Every Saturday we take Kody for walks in Seattle so that the MAR Trailing dogs can track her scent trail and find her. We all love Kody and realize that while not every dog is cut out for MAR work, some dogs are worth fighting to keep on staff! Kody, a total sweetheart, is certainly one of those dogs!