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Sadie is an 11-year-old female Weimaraner trained as a cat detection dog. She was donated to Kat in 2001 and lived with her in Clovis for two years until the fall of 2003. Sadly, because of financial pressures, a setback in the development of Missing Pet Partnership, and family circumstances, Kat was forced to place Sadie in the home of a Missing Pet Partnership volunteer. While Kat deeply misses Sadie, she knows that Sadie is with a loving family who adores and spoils her! Kat sees Sadie routinely through Missing Pet Partnership and plans to continue training Sadie to rescue missing cats. In 2007, Sadie moved back in with Kat. She was put back to work to search for missing cats in Fresno and later in Seattle, Washington.

Here is how Kat Albrecht describes Sadie in her book
(partial excerpt from The Lost Pet Chronicles):

Sadie was a four-year-old female Weimaraner donated to me by a family in Fresno after they heard about the search work I had done with Rachel. Her color was "blue," a dark gray with a bluish tint, really. It was the color of Baskin Robbins black licorice ice cream. In addition to the color difference, Sadie had other features that were different from Rachel. Her bluish-silver muzzle had tiny black whiskers that reminded me of a baby seal’s face. And she had an odd-shaped mouth with a lower jaw that jutted out slightly beyond her upper jaw. Something about that shape made Sadie appear a little goofy from time to time, and she seemed to try to make up for that by having an always-serious personality. But Sadie's weimaranerness helped ease a little of the pain I still felt—that I guess I'll always feel—about losing Rachel. She was a dog I quickly grew to love, and she did extremely well in her training.

Like Rachel, Sadie absolutely loved kitties, and I knew that someday, Sadie would find many lost cats in Fresno. While the pillow next to me in my bed remained vacant, I now had a licorice-blue foot warmer. Every night, Sadie would curl into a warm ball and sleep at the foot of my bed.